Beryl Bhakhita

Chief Operating Officer

Beryl Bakhita is an activist youth and woman aficionado through mentorship and training. She is the founder of  Faraja Africa, a humanitarian organization. She is a graduate of Kenyatta University. She holds a certificate in Emerging Leader Foundation and ACT11 in Transformative Leadership, social Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and currently completed a project planning and management course. She has been doing mentorship and activism since 2016. Has been privileged to work with organizations like Global platform, Women  of mUshinga (Congo) KCIC Center for Gender equity, Bridge Africa and now Stable Health Foundation to train youth and women and men on entrepreneurship, violence against women, men and girls, Good health and well being and a transformation leadership among other thematic areas. Through her impeccable outreach and impact she has earned airtime on both radio and television like Switch TV, K24, Y253 and KBC. She has also been featured on Kenyatta University magazine for outstanding student leader representing a population of 10,000 students while a student at Kenyatta University.