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How We Work

How We Work

  • To conduct frequent community outreaches including mobile clinics to reach out to target groups in interior and unreachable population areas to deliver effective and efficient safe care to our patients.
  • To deliver high Quality Comprehensive Evidence-Based Patient-Focused (EBPF) care services
  • To increase the capacity of the foundation medical team to facilitate effective delivery of quality health services to patients
  • To establish and encourage effective financial protection schemes in anticipation to encouraging easy access to medical care for the less privileged clients
  • To facilitate financial inclusion and active partnership in delivery of healthcare services in the target population areas


Key Operational Objectives

To achieve the goal of providing accessible, effective, efficient and comprehensive health care addressing the community’s priority health problems, the operational objectives of CCHBHC are broadly divided into five categories as follows:

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness

By motivating and supporting members of the community to proactively maintain and resist threats to their health. Self-care of community, and proper health-seeking behaviors are the expected outcomes.

Managing the consequences of illness

By meeting the needs of those requiring care as a result of changing physical, psychological, social and/or cognitive functional capacities across the lifespan.

Serving the needs of the vulnerable and underprivileged

By reaching out to them and meeting their health needs as identified in the community assessment. This would include people with disability, mothers and children, the elderly, and the poor and minority groups.

Supporting informal caregivers

By acknowledging the contribution of family members, neighbors and volunteers and providing them with the knowledge, skills, resources and emotional support to enable them to continue to provide hands-on care at home.

Strengthening the community

By establishing, and/or strengthening partnership and networking between the community, health care providers and other sectors within the government and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to facilitate community actions for health and well-being.

To attain the objectives and ultimately achieve the goals, SHF has employed a variety of strategies. This is to ensure that all parts of the health care system function in a coherent and integrated way. The strategies reflect the principles underpinning the model and include the following:

  • Strategies for involving all stakeholders ensuring government/political commitment and support
  • Strategies for mobilizing and managing resources building on the existing systems to enhance direct access of hospital healthcare services for all our clients, particularly the underserved groups.
  • Strategies for our medical team to provide diagnostic services and basic Medicare interventions at the community level.
  • Strategies for developing and implementing appropriate health information systems and telemedicine platforms.