C.O.O Dr. Mokaya Onsase tells Uhuru to adopt the FSHF to achieve UHC

Fitness and Stable health Foundation Chief Operations Officer C.O.O:Dr.Mokaya Onsase has now urged president Uhuru Kenyatta theough a proposal presented o the Ministry of Health for approval to adopt the Fitness and Stbale Health Foundation strategy to help his government achieve the Universal health agenda. The foundation has gained widespread popularity on Kajoado and Nairobi counties at grassroot levels for offering not only medical services but also a home visit to check on the progress of clients once discharged from hospitals and linking with nearby health facilities to offer a comprehensive health package.

Dr. Mokaya Onsase claims that when it comes to the cost of medical care, a popular saying goes that majority of Kenyans are one medical emergency away from poverty. It is therefore not surprising that Universal Health Coverage (UHC), one of President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda, has quickly gained traction relative to the other three pillars — enhancing manufacturing; food security and nutrition; and affordable housing

Onsase says the foundation that has been founded on strong health grounds could help close the health inequalities experienced and improve the health care delivery in the country if put as part of the parents to propel the agenda.

FSHF C.E.O Dr. Bonface Arimi in an interview with Kenya Top Secrets at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital said FSHF is currently running programs that consist providing medical assistance to the population in Nairobi through partnerships with various health-care providers. Onsongo said: ‘To be clear, FSHF’s senior care package is not insurance, but has a potential of being linked to NHIF to offer home based medical services too. It is a Care Coordination Service. “Our packages are customized to match your senior’s needs and designed to make sure that your loved one(s) get the care they need, when they need it.

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